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The Essence of Jamaican Love

Tia Milani, Ebony Tantrica Connecticut

Tia Milani, Hartford escort

Erotic, sensual sex has reigned in Jamaica since the Victorian era

You might say it’s commonplace as domestic harmony and extended pleasures co-exist with a sense of acceptance less tolerated here in the Western world. Sensual gratification is accepted in different parts of the Caribbean where polygamous household arrangements are just as recognized as traditional marriages. Husbands, wives, lovers and concubines (here, we refer to them to as companions or escorts) co-exist in ways that are beneficial to everyone. I grew up with this knowledge. I guess you could say that being an ebony escort is in my blood.

A man’s sexual fulfillment is still commonly met by more than one partner

While living in my native Jamaica, I owned and operated a sensual massage establishment and I loved it. My practice combined a Tantra approach and incorporated elements of Nuru massage. My philosophy blended a sense of open mindedness, understanding and dignity in a pleasure-seeking culture where boundaries were honored by parties who understood their roles. Until this day, many ladies are escorts and companions who work from their homes or dedicated establishments. Their practice is second nature as they relish the freedom that comes through arrangements with clients. Here in the States, it’s known as a sugar baby/sugar daddy kind of relationship.

My clients are drawn to the warm, sensual energy that I exude and forever hold in my heart

As a Hartford, Connecticut escort, I maintain the same practice, philosophy and more. An afternoon tryst of pleasure, extended weekend or ongoing affair comes natural to me. As an emotionally giving and sensually generous ebony escort, a full body massage can easily turn into a sensual massage surrounded by intellectual connection before and after. I find that life’s satisfactions are found in many different ways that when combined produce a healing effect. Just like the Jamaican women who play a significant role in men’s lives, I am a passionate companion who harbors generations of innate understanding of my role as a girl friend who quietly recognizes boundaries.

For reasons that elude me, a hectic lifestyle in the States is accepted with all its stress, anxiety and even disconnect in domestic relationships that eat away at passion. I am fortunate to have solid values, never straying from a culture that taught me the value of intimacy and that it is okay for a man’s needs to be gratified by a woman who understands it all.