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The Healing Art of Tantra

Tantrica, Tia Milani
Tantrica, Tia Milani

Tia Milani, Tantrica

Many years ago, I devoted myself to the spiritual study of Tantric philosophy. As a natural born Goddess who is gentle, caring and extremely passionate, I engaged in physical, sensual and mental exercises to heighten my sensory awareness.

Tantra is the science of ecstasy

The greatest source of energy in the Universe is sexual. Inspired by the Tantric practice, I founded a sensual massage temple in my home country. Later, after arriving in the States, I continued to hone the practice of cultivating sexual energy through all of the senses – vision, breath, sound, scent and touch. I became acutely aware of the feelings of my clients, merging my own sexual energy to prolong and enhance their ecstasy. For my gentlemen friends, the delight of this sensual play became an erotic luxury found only through a Tantric specialist.

Improving quality of life

Continuing to grasp all that I could learn about this mystical practice, I accompanied many clients down the path of erotic enlightenment. With my guidance and expertise, their pleasure enhanced, intensified and prolonged until eventually a higher consciousness of living set in. With multiple sessions over time, these gentlemen claimed that quality of life improved for them. Inner peace became reality not only through sexuality but also in their lives in general.

For those who are open minded, discovering true sensual play is nothing less than divine. I noticed that clients sought longer term relationships as I accompanied them on intimate journeys that led to passionate bliss. Sexual healing is quite liberating for those who have the desire to travel down the Tantric path.

The art of extended pleasure

Control of the breath, meditation, various postures, slow sensual touching and finger pressure all come into play when prolonging arousal. A woman’s hands are capable of amazing things, beyond what most ladies can imagine of themselves though it is an acquired talent. Through the art of Lingham massage, a man learns to relax and enter a ‘receptive’ mode rather than the conditioned ‘goal-oriented’ mode. In the process, he learns to surrender to a form of pleasure that before may have been unfamiliar. Like riding a wave of ecstasy, pleasure experiences many different spectrums. As we enter a place of trust and intimacy, powerful emotions may emit as he reaches a state of pure ecstasy that transcends consciousness.

Please stay tuned for my next article that talks about the male prostate massage.